GFX Application Format

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GFX Application Format

Post by Donkey. on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:32 pm

*To apply you must have been in EventMS for over 1month and have 30 posts non spam. Exceptions can be made.*
For all those who apply, remember if you apply for GFX, you will not be guaranteed to be an Intern in the game. It is just a slight possibility.

Name :

In-Game Name :

Age :

Date Joined :

Country & Timezone :

How much do you know about the EventMS community? :

Do you think that the players and staff members know you well? :

Why should we pick you instead of somebody else? :

What programs do you use to create your pieces of work? :

Do you have any experience being a GFX? Please provide a detailed summary of what you can do :

How long have you been doing GFX? :

Examples of your work :

Tell us a bit about yourself :

Any extra info :

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