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Post by Donkey. on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:43 am

I - Behavior & Common Courtesy :
A person must not :
-- Be discriminative towards others, this means no flaming or insults thrown at any player or staff member. Know the difference between teasing and harassment.
-- Post spam. We'd appreciate if your posts contained full-length sentences.
-- No double posting. Please edit your former post instead.
-- Link phishing sites or potentially harmful sites.
-- Bump threads.
-- Change the original idea/topic behind any forum post. Please stick to the topic, or if you feel like talking about something else, make a new thread.
-- Excessively swear. Keep it nice and remember, this is a fun environment.
-- Create multiple accounts.
-- Argue openly with any moderator/administrator - do it via the private message system.
-- Post personal information. However, if you feel like you need to do it, be aware of certain risks that revolve around sharing private details - such as your e-mail, phone number, age etc.

II - Topics That Are Not Tolerated :
-- Pornography. This includes pictures, links to videos etc.
-- Racism, discrimination.
-- Threats of harassment or violence.
-- Advertising and everything revolving around it. Unless sharing links to your Youtube account or something in that fashion.
-- Drugs, alcohol.

III - The Reporting System :
Instead of trying to enforce the forum rules, take advantage of the 'report' button - this way the forum moderators are notified of a forum post which violates any of the aforementioned regulations.

IV - Contact The Moderators :
Don't ever be afraid to contact the forum moderators via the private message system when having various issues, whether they are personal or server-related. The staff is friendly and always open to help people no matter what problem at hand! Note : When giving criticism, try to be constructive and polite about it.

If any person reaches a certain amount of infractions which could be indicated by the warn level or personal observation, the person risks getting banned from the forums.

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