XAT Chat Rules

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XAT Chat Rules

Post by Donkey. on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:44 am

I - Behavior & Common Courtesy :
A person must not:
-- Be discriminative towards others, this means no flaming or insulting.
-- Excessively swearing. Keep it nice and friendly.
-- Argue openly with any moderator/administrator - do it via the private chat and try to be polite.
-- Post personal information. If you feel like you need to do it, be aware of certain risks that revolve around sharing private details - such as your e-mail, phone number, age etc.
-- Link phishing sites or potentially harmful sites.

II - Topics That Are Not Tolerated :
-- Pornography, this includes pictures, links to videos etc.
-- Racism, discrimination.
-- Threats of harrassment or violence.
-- Advertising and everything revolving around it, unless sharing links to your Youtube account or something in that fashion.
-- Drugs, alcohol.

III - Contact The Moderators :

Don't ever be afraid to contact the forum moderators via the private message system in the forums or private chatting one on Xat when having various issues, whether they are personal or server-related. The staff is friendly and always open to help people no matter what problem at hand!

Note : If any person reaches a certain amount of infractions and warnings, the person risks getting banned from the Xat box.

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