Plans for EventMS & My future life :)

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Plans for EventMS & My future life :)

Post by [Owner] Rango on Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:02 am

Hello eventors or eventfriends or whatever floats your boat Very Happy
In a couple of days I'm moving to a new house in Israel, so excited Smile
After that, after about 10 days in my new house in Israel I'm moving to USA, New York Very Happy
Something I've been waiting for years! So many plans, so many things I can't wait to do!

For the server i've been thinking for a while, what i decided to do is this:
I will make a v83 high rated server (1550x550x5) and if that will be helpful (maybe with some help of donations) I will open a second server that will be a v117 low rated server.
(Both servers will be on, I wont close the v83 server for the v117).

What do you think about my plans? xD 
[Owner] Rango
[Owner] Rango

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