GM Application Format

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GM Application Format

Post by Donkey. on Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:21 am

*You must have 30 posts, no spam and you must have been in the server for at least a month.*


IGN (In Game Name):


*Optional* Timezone/Country/State:

Skype/Contact Info:


Experience as a GM?: (This will not affect whether you are selected or not)

Why are you applying?:

Why should we chose you?:

How active could you be?: (Honesty counts the most)

How many Staff members do you know from EventMS? (Name them).

What would you do if you saw a hacker?:

What would you do if you are not chosen as a GM?: (Please answer honestly, if you feel like you want to leave then please say so)

Extra info about yourself:

Can you Code/GFX/Make videos/Help advertise?

Anything else to add?:

Tacos vs Pizza?

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